Why Choose Working with the Coach?

Most digital marketing companies only worry about the amount of posts that they can generate on any given day. Working with the Coach believes in quality over quantity. We create posts that truly engage and resonate with the audience and make a page meaningful.


How Can WWTC Help Engage With Fans?

Celebrity persona only gives people a pop culture façade of the person. WWTC knows that social media can deepen that public persona and go beyond being just a celebrity. We want fans to not just identify you by what team you play for or who you play on TV. If your digital marketing isn't handled right, you never get to show fans that dimension of you — the realness that they can really connect and identify with.


WWTC allows social media to offer consistent interaction so that new fans who might normally just pass by have a reason to stay. As a celebrity and entertainer your talent is a giant magnetthat draws fans to you. When this is used correctly to create engaging posts on social media, it creates a net fanbase that keeps you on top.


How Does WWTC Create Meaningful Posts?

WWTC hones in on your unique voice and makes sure it is heard. Fans want to connect with YOU. We create interesting, genuine posts that give back to fans and are unburdened by PR polish. WWTC doesn’t believe in asking for things or selling — no one wants to be sold to on social media. When we engage with your fans in a genuine way, the fans will organically spark business.


Remember: People are coming to your social media account for access to you!